Saturday, 1 August 2015

Aqiqah Singapore offers korban options in Indonesia, Singapore, the online aqiqah/korban ordering service for the Muslim community in Singapore, is offering korban from S$180 per sheep or goat this year. Orders are open till 23 September for korban rites in Indonesia or Australia. There is a S$10 discount for existing customers with the coupon code 'oldcustomer'.

For korban rites in Australia, the organisation does the slaughtering, skinning and butchering of the sheep in Australia, then delivers the air-flown meat to a requested destination or distributes it to the needy in Singapore. Each sheep costs S$295. There is a delivery charge of S$15 per animal to each location.

Korban in Indonesia will be performed in Semarang, with a single price of S$180 for all goats and sheep of similar size. Cows may be shared by seven people, at S$155 per share while the whole cow costs S$1,050. All meat will be distributed to needy Muslims and Muslim nonprofit organisations which focus on caring for the poor/needy.

Participants will receive a certificate of korban (sijil korban) within two months of the completion of the korban for Indonesian requests. Participants also receive photos and may download a video about the overall process from the organisation's cloud storage in one to two months after completion of Korban 2015.