Saturday, 8 August 2015

Movenpick Hotel Makkah is Green Globe certified

Source: Movenpick Hotel Makkah website. View from the hotel.

Movenpick Hotel Makkah, a five-star hotel overlooking the Kaaba and facing King Abdul Aziz Gate, has received the Green Globe certification for the third consecutive year it has received the certification. 

The certification honors tourism companies with excellent eco-sustainability standards and social responsibility initiatives in the hospitality industry. It is awarded based on the extent of a company’s interaction within its social sphere through training and development programmes, as well as a company’s social responsibility and enhancement of the positive image associated with sustainable companies.

Adil Irfan, Movenpick Hotel Makkah’s General Manager said, “Movenpick hotels around the world follow a far-reaching policy, aspiring to take leadership in the hospitality industry when it comes to sustainability programmes aimed towards a better tomorrow. We seek to secure a healthy and motivating environment in all respects."

Movenpick Hotel Makkah is focused on making all its facilities eco-friendly by implementing principles of environmental sustainability and raising awareness amongst its staff. The hotel’s sustainability management plan incorporates strategies to reduce the consumption of water, electricity and use of chemicals by 10% per day. Such practices include replacing all light bulbs with 5-watt LED lights to reduce energy, deploying signage in the hotel to help raise public awareness about the environment and making contracts annually with companies specialisng in recycling. Finally, environmental awareness is instilled amongst hotel staff to encourage them to act as volunteers in various programmes including reforestation initiatives.

As part of its social responsibilities, Movenpick Hotel Makkah maintains partnerships with universities and colleges to fully support the training of students specializing in management and hospitality. The hotel also offers career opportunities to people with special needs wishing to enter the labour market. Internal training programmes are conducted to raise employees’ efficiency and increase the number of career opportunities available for local residents.