Saturday, 4 March 2017

Cheese still a luxury item in Kazakhstan

In 2016, the key issues in the cheese industry in Kazakhstan were product quality and the presence of counterfeit products, says Euromonitor.

Relatively few have tasted cheese in Kazakhstan, the research firm said. The highest consumption of cheese was observed in large urban areas like Astana and Almaty, where consumers tend to have the highest purchasing power. Unscrupulous manufacturers have offered products that resemble cheese but were made of vegetable oil, which passed muster with uninformed local consumers. 

Gadyachsyr led the pack in 2016 with a 14% share of retail value sales. Ukrainian-manufactured cheeses are preferred however because of their perceived better taste and quality.

Over the forecast period, Kazakhstan is expected to see a more stable economic situation and increased purchasing power, so expenditure on cheese is expected to grow.