Sunday, 5 March 2017

Halal economy is one of 17 top trends for 2017

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the Top 17 Trends for 2017, a February 2017 report from Frost & Sullivan, to their offering.

Top 17 Trends for 2017 is part of the Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation (Mega Trends) Growth Partnership Subscription. It forecasts which trends will most affect business, society, and government in the coming year. Each top trend is analysed and supported with key predictions for the coming year and the expected impact of those predictions.

One of the top trends revolves around the halal economy. Other trends range from artificial intelligence personal assistants to the impact of the Donald Trump presidency.

According to Frost & Sullivan, these trends threaten the position of many existing players but will also prompt companies to become smarter and more efficient in business models and practices. Some of the implications of these trends were set in motion in 2016, such as the advances and launches of artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistants and smart home platforms. Businesses may also have to prepare for a winner-take-all competitive environment and impending social disruptions brought about by the spate of innovations, Frost & Sullivan said.

“Long-awaited drones, autonomous vehicles, space capabilities and robotics are all poised to notably affect the commercial market this year,” noted Lauren Taylor, Principal Consultant, Visionary Innovation Group, Frost & Sullivan. “These technologies, while enhancing efficiency, productivity, accuracy and filling employment gaps, could lead to combustible labor dynamics. Such colliding interests will change the course of revenue streams and pricing segmentation, as well as encourage a thorough evaluation of trade-offs.”

The top trends are:

- The global impact of President Trump
- Brexit - the exit process
- AI personal assistant race for dominance
- Increasing insularity, nationalism, and protectionism
- Level 3 autonomous vehicles hit the road
- Connected living transforms the home
- Cognitive is the new smart
- The industrial IoT ecosystem play
- Space accessibility broadens
- China becomes a hyper robotic society
- Horizontal realisation
- The mainstreaming of augmented reality for B2B
- Data as a service explosion
- Platforms become a commodity
- Rise of the halal economy
- Drones take off
- IoT pivots to sentient tools


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