Monday, 26 June 2017

India announces Hajj quota allocation for successful tour operators

Eight hundred applications were received by the Ministry of Minority Affairs (Haj Division)* of India for registration as private tour operators (PTOs) under different categories after a call for applications in December 2016. The deadline was originally 20 January 2017, extended to the end of January.

According to the ministry, 293 applications were received for Category I, 396 for Category II and 111 were new PTO applications on an umrah basis.

The ministry has approved 299 PTOs in Category I, including 14 PTOs upgraded from Category II to Category I; and 362 PTOs in Category II, including four new PTOs on an umrah basis for allocations of quotas for Hajj 2017 under the Approved PTO Policy for 2013-17. 

A total of 45,000 seats has been allocated to PTOs for Hajj 2017 as the result of a computerised ballot on 20 June in the presence of representatives of the PTOs Associations. As previously announced, 70% of the quota goes to Category I PTOs, with the remainder allocated to Category II PTOs:

Category-I PTOs — 31,500 seats: These seats have been distributed among 299 PTOs who have been qualified for Haj 2017. Out of this, 194 PTOs have been allotted 105 seats each and the remaining 105 PTOs allotted 106 seats each through drawing lots

Category-II PTOs — 13,500 seats: A total of 362 PTOs have been qualified under Category II for Hajj 2017. Due to the limited quota for Category-II PTOs, only 270 PTOs have been allotted 50 seats each. This resulted in 137 eligible PTOs which could not get a quota for Hajj 2017. 

Successful PTOs have been asked to collect their certificates for allocation of quota for Hajj 2017 from the Haj Division, ISIL Building, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi, India from 2pm onwards on 21 June, 2017. 

View the terms and conditions for applicants (PDF)

*The Ministry of Minority Affairs took over management of Hajj in October 2016.