Wednesday, 14 March 2018 begins Ramadhan charity campaign for 2018

Source: Facebook page. Picture of a woman with children illustrating's Ihsan Ramadhan 2018 campaign.
Source: Facebook page. Picture of a woman with children illustrating's Ihsan Ramadhan 2018 campaign. is calling for donations for Ramadhan for the needy, "Ramadhan is especially the time to think about others who are less fortunate than us, who may be without shelter, food, clean water etc all year round," the charity stated online. "To be able to give is indeed a blessed opportunity." 

The month of Ramadhan will begin in mid-May this year.

Details: has programmes running for different countries:


Offer assistance to Rohingya refugees in makeshift camps via the following: 

- Aqiqah (عقيقة‎) - an animal sacrifice to commemorate a birth/alms* of one cow, S$750 

- Providing iftar and suhoor - the sunset meal and pre-dawn meal, capping the end and beginning of the daily fasting period - for one family during Ramadhan, S$100 

- Offering medical treatment and women's essentials, S$50/pack 

- Providing groceries and fresh milk, S$50/pack 

- Infaq (إنفاق)/fidyah (الفدية‎), donations made without the expectation of rewards, and donations made in lieu of fasting for Ramadhan respectively, rice, S$60/25kg  

- General contributions, S$50 


- Waqaf (وقف‎) - a donation of land and similar assets for religious purposes without intention of reclaiming the asset - for the needy, a house, S$2,999 

- Waqaf for a well, S$399 

- General contributions, S$50 


- Aqiqah/alms* of a goat, S$210

- Providing iftar and suhoor for one family during Ramadhan, S$100 

- Hari Raya (Eid) preparation contributions per family, S$100 

- Infaq/fidyah rice, S$60/25kg  

- Waqaf, seven copies of the Quran, S$100 

- Waqaf, seven prayer mats, S$100 

- Waqaf contributing towards the building of a mosque or religious school, SS$150 

- General contributions, S$50 

Sabah, Malaysia

- Providing iftar and suhoor for one family during Ramadhan, S$100  

Hari Raya (Eid) preparation contributions per family, S$100 

- Waqaf, seven copies of the Quran, S$100 

- Waqaf, seven telekung (prayer clothes for ladies) sets and seven prayer mats, S$150 

- General contributions, S$50 

Contact Ustaz Syamil Masruhen at +65 8322 0460 or Haji Noh at +65 8399 7390 on how to donate.


Watch a video about the Rohingya refugees (Malay with English subtitles)

Hashtag: #Ibadahsg

* is also providing nazar (‏نظر‎), protective amulets with eye beads that are said to ward off the evil eye as part of this donation. Muslims are divided on support for this practice.

Disclaimer: Suroor Asia shares calls for donations on the assumption that they are genuine. It cannot be held responsible for negative outcomes as a result of performing a donation. Donors should do their due diligence on whether the prices are reasonable and if the charity will execute on its promises. It is also possible that stated prices include other costs, administration and travel costs for example. Online donation mechanisms may also contain malware or lead to data theft.