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Ramadhan porridge distribution in Singapore, 2018

Source: Facebook, Bedok Reservoir Punggol-Parkview RC, poster for Ramadhan porridge distribution.
Source: Facebook, Bedok Reservoir Punggol -  
Porridge (bubur) distribution to members of the public is a Ramadhan tradition in Singapore and Malaysia, typically involving charities, mosques and government representatives. The porridge, also called bubur lambuk or Ramadhan porridge, is typically with meat and richer than the norm as it is a dish for breaking the fast.

The events, staffed by volunteers, are usually planned for weekends, but some places may commit to offering porridge  on weekdays as well. The distributions tend to end quickly as quantities are limited. Queues begin early, and each person may take away several portions.

The following locations in Singapore have announced that they will be distributing porridge over Ramadhan. All are welcome on a first come, first served basis and while stocks last, unless otherwise stated. Where a time is not specified, it is best to enquire as timings can vary widely.

It should be noted that most mosques in Singapore will offer porridge throughout Ramadhan, often after the asr prayer, which begins 4.25 pm at the start of Ramadhan, and at 4.32 pm at the end of the month. Some mosques may serve porridge at their iftar meal instead.

Porridge may be distributed to congregations on a more regular basis, with other dates/times designated for the needy. A list of the times of distribution for porridge at mosques is available on the site.

Ramadhan porridge is available around Singapore over the following dates. Click on each link to get more details:

Week 1:
Monday 21 May - Wednesday 23 May (Ramadhan 5 - 7)

Week 2:
Thursday 24 May - Wednesday 30 May (Ramadhan 8 - 14)

Week 3:
Thursday 31 May - Wednesday 6 June (Ramadhan 15 - 21)

Week 4 (+1):
Thursday 7 June - Thursday 14 June (Ramadhan 22 - 29)


Updates to's listing are made every week. Suroor Asia will also update Facebook regularly.

Some Ramadhan porridge recipes can be found at Recipes are Simple, Singapore Local Favourites and Urban Adventures.

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