Saturday, 3 November 2018

Muis shares updates on aLIVE, IEF

Esa Masood, Deputy Chief Executive, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), spoke at the Parenting Seminar and Islamic Education Fund (IEF) Disbursement Ceremony about support for Islamic learning.

He disclosed that more than 21,000 youths are attending the mosque madrasah programme aLIVE, taught by 800 trained asatizahs.

"Going forward, Muis will continue to make efforts to improve the aLIVE programme, including updating the books and content to ensure that it addresses contemporary issues, and provides relevant guidance, particularly, for our young in their daily lives. We will also continue to support the asatizah who are teaching the programme through various trainings and workshops," he said.

Esa also shared that Muis will be disbursing S$1.3 million through IEF, helping 4,091 students.

"Together with this year’s disbursement, we have disbursed a total of S$8.19 million under IEF over the last 14 years, to over 25,000 beneficiaries," he said.