Sunday, 13 July 2014

Electronic Reception Program tracks mu'tamirs till they arrive in KSA

The Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia has implemented an Electronic Reception Program in time for this year’s season, which started at the beginning of Safar** and lasts for nine months, to ensure that the journeys are processed smoothly. 

The program electronically monitors all mu`tamirs* around the world from the moment they buy their service packages to their arrival at the Kingdom's ports. E-mails are then sent from the port to the employees in the Two Holy Cities to prevent any chaos or errors in finalising their procedures.

The ministry expects approximately six million mu`tamirs during this year's season. Dr Bandar ibn Muhammad Hajjar, the Minister of Hajj, stated that the Ministry has issued approximately 6,230,000 umrah visas, an increase of one million visas from last year, when 5,615,000 mu'tamirs arrived and 5,300,000 departed. On average, 400,000 mu`tamirs arrive every month, with a steady increase in Ramadhan, as the mu`tamirs are keen to perform umrah during this month, the ministry said. 

His Highness said, "Electronically monitoring the services provided to the mu`tamirs – especially during Ramadhan, which witnesses an increase in the number of mu`tamirs from inside and outside the Kingdom – plays a role in achieving the flexible and smooth management of such large numbers of mu`tamirs. Through the effective functioning of the E-track Program for umrah, the Ministry was able to keep a record of the number of visas passing through it from the first day of the umrah season at the beginning of Safar. These are submitted to the relevant authorities to complete the usual process until the mu`tamir receives the required visa.”

The Minister commended the efforts of the Deputy Ministry of Hajj for Umrah Affairs exerted by the General Administration for Umrah Companies and Establishments and the General Administration for Mu`tamir Services in connecting the network of umrah companies and establishments with the umrah e-track. 

*People on an umrah.
**The second month in the Islamic year.