Thursday, 6 August 2015

Muslim Travel Warehouse adds halal friendly familiarisation tours to Yunnan and Beijing

Muslim Travel Warehouse now has halal-friendly holiday packages to China for travel agents. The company connects suppliers of tour packages and activities with travel agents from around the world. Muslim Travel Warehouse also works with suppliers to help them adapt their products for Muslim tourists.

The current packages are for Yunnan and Beijing. Yunnan province is known for being home to a third of China’s ethnic minorities. The global travel aggregator recommends:
  • The Yunnan Ethnic Cultural Village for the architecture, art, food, customs and clothing, 
  • The old towns of Guan-Du and Dali, including the Erhai Lake cruise 
  • Bai ethnic tea and performances
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Park
  • The Stone Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Mosque visits are included in the Yunnan tour, including HuiDongYuan Mosque, YongNing Mosque and Lijiang Old-town Mosque. 

For Beijing, the Islamic history of China is recognised with the visit of the oldest Mosque in the city, the Niujie Mosque, built in 996. 

Halal food is provided throughout all tours with a range of cuisines and at multiple accomodations.