Sunday, 25 June 2017

MCI, KSA tamps down on fraud at retail level pre-Eid

Source: MCI. Pre-Eid al Fitr inspections by the MCI.

As part of the ministry’s plan for Eid al Fitr, inspectors from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI), KSA have checked shops and outlets selling Zakat al Fitr items, clothing, Eid accessories and sweets, which are in demand during Eid.

In late May, MCI announced 252 violations in 5,079 shops were detected during its second inspection campaign for the Ramadhan season.

The ministry's reports showed an abundant supply of foodstuffs and consumer goods, which are typically in demand during the month, and the availability of alternatives for each item, enabling competition and price stability.

This Ramadhan campaign is part of the ministry's existing inspection rounds, and is aimed at ensuring the availability of Ramadhan commodities in markets and shops across KSA besides verifying the validity of these goods and the absence of any commercial fraud, such as that sales and promotions offered during Ramadhan are genuine.

MCI inspections generally verify the commitment of placing price tags on goods, and ensure that the price on the item matches the one at the cashier as well.


Consumers may lodge complaints and feedback through MCI Consumer Call Center (1900), by applying for a Commercial Violation Report, or via smartphones.