Monday, 26 February 2018

Sheikh Zayed Book Award winners to be translated

Source: Sheikh Zayed Book Award. 2018 reading panel.
Source: Sheikh Zayed Book Award.
2018 reading panel.
The Sheikh Zayed Book Award has launched a translation initiative in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair NY branch, aiming to support publishing houses in translating the award’s winning titles into English, French and German.

HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, said the initiative is part of activities to celebrate the Year of Zayed. “This year is witnessing the 12th edition of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, marking more than a decade of the hard work and effort that has laid the foundation for a cultural and literary landmark that seeks to celebrate creative literary scholars and intellectuals. The award has always been characterised by its openness to international cultures and encouraging remarkable cultural activity at both Arab and international levels," he said.

“This partnership is aimed at encouraging translations from Arabic into other languages and spreading Arab culture in the West, thus strengthening the position of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award among international awards as an incubator of Arab culture and promoter of dialogue among civilisations.”

HE Dr Ali Bin Tamim, Secretary General of the award, said: “The partnership of Sheikh Zayed Book Award with the Frankfurt Book Fair stems from our overarching vision to consistently support the constructive cultural communication between Arabic and other languages, as well as to continue bolstering the developing translation activities within the Arab world. Representing the cherished values of the award’s mission during the nation’s celebration of the Year of Zayed, this collaboration signifies the endeavours towards enriching cultures and arts, combining tradition and modernity, encouraging cultural openness, diversity, and acceptance of the other. From there springs our deep belief in the role of translation in promoting dialogue among civilisations and building the spirit of convergence among nations, reflecting what we strive for in this strategic partnership, which will be pivotal to realising the vision and objectives of the award.”

Juergen Boos, President of the Frankfurt Book Fair said: “Looking at the previous editions of the award and their winners’ records, and given my position as president of the Frankfurt Book Fair, member of the award’s Scientific Committee and follower of its journey since its inception, I can verily say that the award has undoubtedly become an international cultural platform, operating at the same level as other major literary awards. In that light, the award’s objectives combined with our endeavors have led to the crystallisation of this strategic partnership, which aims to facilitate the translation of the winning titles into German, English and French.

“This helps raise awareness internationally regarding the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, in addition to promoting the award’s work and winners at the cultural and literary international events, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair.”

The agreement also includes promoting the award’s winning titles among international publishing houses, with a special focus on the Literature and Children’s Literature categories.