Friday, 8 June 2018

Bank Sohar celebrates Qaranqasho

As part of its annual Qaranqasho celebrations, Bank Sohar organised three different programmes: a Qaranqasho gathering for customers and the general public at Bank Sohar’s branch in the Avenues Mall; another event for employees and their families at the Jungles Restaurant; and finally a bank-sponsored event for the Oman Association for the Disabled.

Ahmed Al Musalmi, CEO, Bank Sohar, said, “Qaranqasho is a very special event for families across the region, and as a community-focused organisation, we consider it our duty to preserve and nurture Oman’s heritage for future generations. With many customers and employees in attendance with their families, Qaranqasho formed a splendid opportunity to enhance the bank’s engagement and sociability with local communities, staff and good will associations.”

The bank’s branch in the Avenues Mall featured family activities at photo booths and performances, including traditional songs by children, while the gathering at the Oman Association for the Disabled saw children take to the stage dressed in colourful costumes, singing and dancing.

Qaranqasho is a way to reward children for fasting through the first half of Ramadhan. Traditionally observed on the 14th night of Ramadhan, children across the Gulf celebrate Qaranqasho (Garangao in Qatar) by visiting neighbours in their community singing songs in traditional outfits. Going door-to-door throughout nearby neighbourhoods youngsters collect sweets and halwa, echoing an age-old tradition that used to include makeshift musical instruments. In the past, children would carry seashells instead and beat them together whilst singing “Qaranqasho”.

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